Giving trick-or-treaters the finger

Demon hand made of cookies! Yum!

I haven’t blogged in ages, but today I just had to share. I love Halloween, and really miss celebrating it like I did when I lived in the USA. Here in the UK it’s not widely celebrated nor even welcomed by many people, and there are very few trick-or-treaters on the streets.

Instead of bellyaching about this (as usual), I looked for a culinary way to celebrate Halloween that was in accordance with its ancient roots … to honour the connections between life and death, and revivify a sacred Pagan or Celtic ritual to usher in the long, dark nights to come, or protect the crops from plague.

I stumbled upon some ancient wisdom from — you guessed it — Martha Stewart! Thanks to her, anyone who stops by our house looking for a treat this year, will get the finger …

Try the recipe yourself, and happy hauntings…

Unbaked fingers, ready to be glazed

My hubby glazing the unbaked fingers with green-tinted egg white

Just-baked fingers, with extra red food coloring