Relish: v. Enjoy greatly. Anticipate with pleasure. n. A piquant sauce or pickle eaten with plain food to add flavour.

This blog is a chronicle of the gastronomic delights and ethical challenges of trying to eat by my values.

It’s a place to share the daily pleasures and moral dilemmas of eating locally, seasonally and with relish (not just the pickled kind). And it’s about finding my way in my adopted country (Britain) as an American who grew up with microwave meals; a food lover with strong ethics but weaknesses for questionable comfort foods (like my late-grandma’s green Jell-O salad – my British husband cannot comprehend calling Jell-O a “salad”); and a burning interest in how food choices at home have global impact.

With tidbits from travels to odd and interesting (and some very mundane) places — from small town Ohio to Texas, Belgium to Uzbekistan — this is a place where I (and maybe you) can make a fuss about the pleasures and politics of what and how we feed ourselves.

Wendy KnerrAbout the author

Wendy Knerr is a food lover, former apprentice on an organic farm, struggling gardener, average chef, ambitious baker, and food adventurer – in the kitchen and around the world.

When she is not eating, cooking or learning about food and farming, she researches and writes about sustainable development, sexual and reproductive health and social justice. She has worked as a consultant with the World Health Organization, United Nations Development Program, University of Oxford, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and many other organizations worldwide.


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  1. So pleased to see you’re blogging!

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